Mushroom Walking Tours

Mushroom Walking Tours

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Book a walking adventure with Rob Macrae, a local lichen and fungi expert, on the lush forest trails at our retreat. On this tour, you will learn how to identify a variety of lichens and mushrooms, where to find them and the environments in which they are most likely to grow.

The walking trail route is easy with some steep terrain. Be prepared to walk 4 to 5 kilometres. Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. Practise leaving no trace. Be prepared to carry out any garbage you carry in. 

Meet in the parking lot at 5248 Queen Victoria Road in Beasley (12 km south west of Nelson, BC) at 1 pm on the day of the tour. Please present a copy of your tour receipt upon arrival.

Participants will receive a beautiful printed lichen and mushroom identification poster as a keepsake.

On the last tour of the season, we are happy to announce that we will also be offering an oyster log inoculation workshop after starting at 3 pm. This  workshop is included in your ticket price. 

Learn about simple ways to grow delicious edible mushrooms. Rob Macra has collected oyster mushrooms from the local forests and used them for preparing spawn. He will supply this locally-sourced oyster mushroom spawn to participants and will demonstrate how to inoculate logs, and how to care for the inoculated logs in order to cultivate mushrooms. The process is not difficult and does not require agricultural land. It is suited for a hobbyist curious about trying to grow a few mushrooms and may be scaled up for someone wishing to explore commercial mushroom cultivation. Logs, supplies and tools will be supplied. 

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