Bendant Mini Lamp

Bendant Mini Lamp

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ometimes nice things come in smaller packages. The Bendant Lamp Mini is a smaller version of our Bendant Lamp. Just like its larger sibling it can be arranged like a flower bouquet. The flat-packed chandelier is composed of a series of leaf-like shades surrounding a central fixture. Bend the shades up or down and create unique light and shadow arrangements that are custom. No two lamps are exactly alike, which means the design is in your hands, too. Bendant Minis are great accent lamps in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kids rooms.

Made in USA. The steel alloy used to make the Bendant Mini Lamp has recycled content ranging between 30% and 40% depending on the production batch. Powder coated in a durable, low VOC (volatile organic compound) finish. Once the paint is cured on the surface, no particles will be emitted into the air.

Size is 18″(46 cm) x 20″ (51 cm) x 18″ (46 cm) and weighs about 5 lbs (2.72 kg)

This product meets the Trading Post's standards for being environmentally and socially responsible. This product must either be designed and manufactured in Canada, made of recycled materials or make a net positive contribution to the environment if produced else where. We do all the research and only stock eco-friendly products that you can trust.

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